Monday, February 25, 2019

Nier B2 Video Game Cosplay Porn - Lana Rain Premium Review

Nier B2 Videogame Cosplay Porn - Lana Rain Premium Review

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Score: 10 out of 10

Lana Rain performs in one of the highest quality videogame cosplay porn scenes we've ever witnessed. Capturing the gothic sexiness of Nier's most iconic character, B2, Lana gives fans an unforgettable piece of art.

Embracing the theme, the professional cosplayer decides to submit her body to the ravages of a sex machine. Rather than go fully nude, she enhances the immersion by keeping her full cosplay on and instead, reveals her flawless body with just the side pull of her panties. Lana's body looks extra soft and perfect with her white skin contrasting beautifully against her black outfit. There is an air of innocence as her plump pussy gets penetrated again and again by the robot cock.

The professional cam model takes the video even further by adding sexual captions that lets the viewer know her dirty thought. In this relatively long video, you certainly get your money's worth as there are 3 positions, an orgasmic climax, and a surprise finish. Definitely a top-tier porn video like her Chun Li cosplay porn.


Sunday, February 24, 2019

Ginger Spyce - Big Ass Redhead Pawg Explodes with Squirt

Ginger Spyce - Big Ass Redhead Pawg Explodes with Squirt

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Ginger Spyce is the anal squirt queen and has one of the best ass you can find. The redhead pawg does everything from public squirting to hardcore anal stretching. Her orgasmic shows are filled with nonstop pussy fucking and explosions of female cum. Her body is a sexy pear shape, featuring modest-sized breasts, a slim waist, and an amazing big ass.

Score: 7 out of 10

Pros: High-intensity shows. Ginger Spyce likes to masturbate for her fans and waste no time putting her toys to work. From start to finish you can expect Ginger to be doing something that keeps you watching for more.

Cons: Not the most active cam model. Ginger has a larger focus on creating more permanent content for her fans, uploading plenty of content to tube sites and her highest quality content on Manyvids. Her live status has been very dormant.

Room for Improvement: Just give fans more live interaction. 


Kittycaitlin - Hot Babe Big Tits Flexible Porn

Kittycaitlin - Hot Babe Big Tits Flexible Porn

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Kittycaitlin entertains with perfect flexible porn. Her body is toned, her breasts are large and perky, and her pussy is gorgeously meaty with a big clit that begs to be played with. The lovely college girl enjoys providing a slow paced show that involves yoga, masturbation, and softcore tease. She is one of the best providers of flexible porn you will ever find.

Score: 9 out of 10

Pros: Kittycaitlin is certainly one of the most beautiful girls you can find. Her body is the perfect ratio of soft feminine curves and sexy defined muscles. She also has some of the best rates on chaturbate.

Cons: As we said before, her shows can be very slow paced. She isn't a girl that will feed you fake reactions. If you want a show you have to pay to get it started and keep it going.

Rooms For Improvement: Some more hardcore play when reaching a climax would leave fans feeling more satisfied,

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Sapphirealice - Insane Squirting Cosplay Girl

Sapphirealice - Insane Squirting Cosplay Girl

Sapphirealice Insane Squirting Cosplay Girl

Sapphirealice is a college-age sex cam performer with a soft, adorable body. This cute, dirty blonde is interesting to watch even when she is just lounging around. Her petite pale body is gorgeous combined with her pink tits and plump pussy. Some of Alice's shows feature sexy cosplays of the cutest anime characters, including Rem from Re: Zero.

Score: 6 out of 10

Pros: Alice has a rare body that we love seeing. She is skinny but has chubby features in all the right places. Her pale skin with natural pink blushes makes her look stunning no matter what angle you see her from. In addition, Alice is very engaging and appreciative of her fans, thanking tippers no matter how big or small. Her shows are also filled with orgasmic moments since Alice has some of the best tip/reward rates on the whole site.

Cons: Beyond the common tip reliant shows, Sapphirealice is also a heavy squirt. While squirting would normally be a good thing her squirts are so prolonged and massive that they look unbelievable even if they are real. She is often drinking a lot of water during shows so it is likely her squirting is actually pissing. Also, Alice has a high-pitch moaning voice when being stimulated and it can become distracting.

Rooms For Improvement: Sapphirealices has a great image but her performance during shows could use some polishing. Her social media channels also lack a Many Vids page which is limiting ways fans can enjoy her content.

Friday, August 10, 2018

Yourmidnightcoffee - Hot petite college freshman porn

Yourmidnightcoffee - Hot Petite College Freshman Porn

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Yourmidnightcoffee is an adorable college freshman who isn't shy in front of the camera. The petite babe is a talkative sex cam performer who has even faced having her classmate find out she does amateur porn. The sexy college girl features a small body, tiny tits, and a very juicy pussy.

Score: 7/10

Pros: Ms. Midnight is very engaging with her fans during shows. She is often seen smiling and encouraging small talk. Her cute factor is off the chart. With each tip she has the chance of biting her lip or calling you "daddy".

Cons: Most of her shows are very vanilla, featuring softcore masturbation, flashing, and dildo play. The bulk of her entertainment relies on tips which leads to dull moments.

Rooms For Improvement: As usually, Midnight needs to invest more in her shows, expanding her toy selection and outfits. Less reliance on tips would also make her performances more exciting.

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Xxxlovers2015 - Best Milf Monster Dildo Fucking

Xxxlovers2015 - Best Milf Monster Dildo Fucking

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Xxxlover2015, or Mary, is a European sex cam milf that focuses exclusively on machine fucking monster dildos. This hot mom features a fit body, big natural tits, and a nice round ass. Her ability to take large dildos at high speed, deep into her pussy, make Mary addicting to watch. As if that isn't enough, once she gets stimulating by a lot of hard and fast fucking, her wet pussy will explode with female cum.

Score: 5 out of 10

Pros: Mary has an exceptional body, very fit but still feminine. Her natural big boobs are also some of the best you'll ever find. Also, unlike a lot of models, she can take it as hard as you can give it so some shows feature plenty of back-to-back orgasms and squirting.

Cons: Mary's show relies completely on tips. If no one tips she does little to get things going. There is also little changes between shows. Same or similar outfits and the same type of shows lead to boredom.

Room For Improvements: Mary would be a star if she was more active when tips are dry and if she offered some variety with her shows. Her body is gorgeous and with a few changes, she would become insanely stimulating to watch.

Purple_bitch - Jinx Cosplay Ass To Pussy

Purple_bitch - Jinx Cosplay Ass To Pussy

jinx cosplay ass to pussy porn

Purple_bitch is a hot Russian camgirl who has diversified her content to include anime cosplay porn and video game cosplay. The sexy model adorns colorful tattoos and often just as vibrant hair. Based on the quality of her outfits and her colorful appearance even when not cosplaying, it feels that Ms. Purple has a real passion for performing as the characters that she chooses.

Score: 8/10

Pros: Excellent cosplay of some less popular characters. Variety of content including lesbian, ass to pussy, machine, and vibrator torture. Filmed content available in 4K.

Cons: Live shows are often timed during conventional US work hours. Her filmed content is also priced at a premium, some videos exceeding $20.

Rooms For Improvement: Purple_bitch could benefit from broadening her live show hours and experimenting with lower price points for individual filmed content. Her cosplay porn is high-quality but it isn't a rare fetish anymore.


Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Vikikinkygirl - Best Girl Next Door Porn

Vikikinkygirl - Best Girl Next Door Porn

best girl next door porn

There is something about Vikikinkygirl that just keeps us coming back for more. She's the girl next door that you always fantasize about. The petite teen doesn't have any prominent features but her soft voice and genuine smile are one of a kind, especially in the world of adult webcams. Her body features include long brunette hair, small tits, a thin body, a little booty, and to bring it all together, a puffy pussy that offers the best cameltoe action.

Score: 7 out of 10

Pros: Viki is your dream spinner. Her body, though petite, is a turn-on in every way. From her perky tits showing through her shirt to her thick pussy lips poking through her panties, there is always something good to see when watching. The hot teen is also an explosive squirter and can do multiple female ejaculations every show. Watching her eyes close and body tense right before unleashing her juices will have you on the edge the whole time.

Cons: Like a lot of girls, Viki lacks variety. Her shows, though enjoyable, are also predictable. She relies heavily on the tip vibrations to keep the show going.

Rooms For Improvements: Viki needs more variety. More outfits and toys would benefit her greatly. Also, despite having a devoted following, Viki has neglected to build a social page and personal store on Many Vids. There is a lot of fetish potential she could be fulfilling.

Monday, August 6, 2018

Lucy Robert - Big Booty Big Tit Latina Porn

Lucy Roberts - Big Booty Big Tit Latina Porn

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Lucy Robert is one of the best big booty latina porn providers online. Her sexy ass and natural huge tits along with black, free-flowing hair, makes her a living jewel. Her body features some of the most perfect curves a man can imagine. Her breasts and butt combined with a tight waist. This young, latina amateur porn model is mesmerizing.

Score: 6/10

Pros: A perfect body with all natural features. Great selection of sexy clothing.

Cons: Boring show at times featuring mostly just her being pretty while waiting for tips. Offer little to no fetish content.

Room For Improvement: Despite being one of the most beautiful latina models around, Lucy Roberts need to work on her show during times when tips are slow. It's a common practice of webcam models. Many want to get paid TO provide a show rather than get paid FOR providing a show. Lucy's vanilla content also makes it had to keep watching especially when combined with the previous said problem. It would be nice to see her expand what she offers and invest in her content by buying new sex items. If so, she would easily become a 10 out of 10.

Masha Yang - Hot Blonde With Super Squirting Pussy

Masha Yang - Hot Blonde With Super Squirting Pussy

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If you have a fetish for green-eye blonde girls, tight bodies, and a super squirting pussy that can drench you in female cum, Masha Yang is your all-in-one package. This petite webcam model is a high-quality, 4k adult content creator and currently offers one of the best solo shows in amateur porn. Unlike other models who climax with a squirt that is usually fake, Masha Yang just keeps going and going. Her shows feature multiple squirting orgasms that are so intense, you'll be hooked on watching like it's a drug. The hot blonde, herself, features a tight body, small pink tits, and a fat pussy that looks amazing paired with her small bubble butt.

Score: 9/10

Pros: Provides 4k hd porn, has long shows that are very active, often on twice a day, long screaming orgasms, and real female ejaculation that sometimes covers her whole body in squirt.

Cons: Not much variety.

Rooms For Improvement: Add some new toys or props, such as bondage.

Lana Rain - Pokemon Dawn Porn w/ Dog Cock Dildo - Video Review

Lana Rain - Pokemon Dawn Porn w/ Dog Cock Dildo - Video Review

pokemon dawn porn

The queen of cosplay porn has blessed horny fanboys with the ultimate pokemon Dawn porn video. Even if you don't have a pokemon fetish you will still find this video extremely satisfying. Lana takes a huge dog cock dildo into her pink pussy and masturbates until it leaves a messy creampie.

Score: 7/10

Pros: HD video, high-quality cosplay, bad dragon dildo, lots of moaning, creampie, and excellent view angles. The pink theme of the video is also done very well and compliments Lana's body and makeup.

Cons: High price, mostly gentle masturbation (but ends with some hard thrusting and orgasm)

Room For Improvements: A great video but could have been improved and easily lengthened by adding some panty play at the beginning. 

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Lana Rain - Chun Li Cosplay Porn

Lana Rain - Chun Li Cosplay Porn

cosplay porn lana rain

Lana Rain, the queen of cosplay porn. The long-time webcam model has made a name for herself in the world of amateur porn and professional cosplaying. Perhaps the most dedicated amateur pornstar when it comes to creating high-quality content outside of her live shows. Though the sexy amateur is not Japanese, her flawless skin and premium costumes lets her pull off some of the best cosplay in adult entertainment, as seen with her recent Chun Li cosplay porn featured below. The webcam model features a petite body, mesmerizing breasts, a modest-sized butt, and the biggest assets, a puffy pink pussy that improves every cosplay she does.

Score: 9/10

Pros: Lana Rain has a one of a kind pussy that separates her from other cosplay porn models. In addition, her dedication towards providing only premium grade content has made her very successful. Her filmed videos are edited to perfection and are sure to please even the most die-hard fanboys.

Cons: I have yet to figure out Lana's live cam show schedule. You will likely have to follow her social media to keep up with it. Her live shows are also very long at times and can take a while to get to the hardcore action. Regarding her filmed content, the prices are set very high. A short video will cost you more than 3 movie tickets but the content is unique and top-notch.

Room For Improvements:  A lower price for filmed content would be good and a more consistent cam time. For the live shows, relying on tokens to get to hardcore stuff is boring and may be hurting profits but some guys like to be teased so perhaps it is working fine.


Ruby Vulpix - Bad Dragon Anal Stretching and Machine Fucking

Ruby Vulpix - Bad Dragon Anal Stretching and Machine Fucking

bad dragon dildo redhead porn

Whether you have a fetish for pale skin redheads, meaty pussy, or huge dildo machine fucking, Ruby Vulpix will satisfy you in every way possible. The sexy Canadian is a full-time webcam model and adult content creator. Having a passion for pleasing her viewers, Ruby devotes extra attention towards providing engaging shows that keep you coming back for more. Her main features are bad dragon dildo masturbation and sex machine fucking. Her body features are pale skin, red hair, small tits, big ass, tight asshole, and a meaty, pink pussy.

Score: 8/10

Pros: Being a pale skin redhead is always a plus. In addition, Ruby is the classic pawg and isn't afraid to show it. Her bubble butt is always a star feature in her shows.

Cons: Not one for loud orgasms which can leave you unfulfilled at the end. Also, her ability to take some of the largest dildos around ruins the mood if you like for your models to appear more "innocent".

Room For Improvements: Ruby's show times are often conflicting with the regular work schedule. You often have to stay up late to catch her is viewing in the US. An earlier show time might work better, but it would also be a more competitive environment so it's understandable.